Visitor Book - 2 

The most INCREDIBLE evening that we’ve had on our honeymoon ! The ambiance, service and food were delicious. Thank-you          

 Robin Dewitt & Chris Thoris

We couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more ! The ambiance, food, wine, music and dancing has been a real treat.

Thank you so much !    

Marla & Rick Jacobs, LA California, USA

The most romantic setting and amazing ambiance of all the islands. We loved the music, dance and the food !

We loved everything !!! A lovely end to a wonderful and memorable trip.  



Darren & Rachel Janid, Chicago, USA

There’s nothing like been on honeymoon in a great place with great food and a great singer !

A magical evening. We hope to be back soon. Thank you.

Selina & Andréus, Brasil

Your warmth, service, music and ambiance have been the highlight of our honeymoon. You’ve made a very lasting impression. Thank you sooo much ! 


Monica & Jason, Preston